Confessions of a Depressed Hypocrite

I find it very hard to understand what real depression is and what are the main causes of this debilitating disease might be! Maybe I occasionally feel depressed myself but not to the extent that I feel useless but more disappointed in myself for feeling as though I might have let my family and friends down.

Finding Grace

First, I want to confess that I somehow think that even if anyone read this, no one will actually say anything to me. So do I really know that what I write is important, or if anyone cares? I don’t care anymore. It is not just about the audience, it is about the fact that there are so many thoughts in my mind and I need somewhere that I can dump them and process them in a safe space.

The confessions are that I am such a hypocrite. I am jealous. I get envious. And I act as if it is all about how I am suffering. There are so much guilt within me about how I have pushed my friends away, how I have hurt them, and how I say one thing but want something else. The truth is, I want the attention. I want someone to care, but…

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Author: JohnnyBoy62

I am a retired LAME/CASA Inspector with a continuing interest in all things aviation including flying. I'm happily married to the lovely Wendy, (my second wife) and we have our 26th Wedding Anniversary coming up in June this year. (2017). We have five adult children between us and 11 grandchildren of our own. Prolific reader of all sorts of on-line stories on various websites. I have lost the art of reading a real book made of paper except when I'm doing my daily devotional from the Bible and aviation magazines. Newspapers get a look in on rare occasions as I get all the latest news from the numerous internet news sites or TV news.

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