Why Beauty Points Us Towards The Existence Of God

I found this article to be entirely consistent with a Biblical understanding of God’s beautiful creation and the beauty contained in some beautiful structure (such as the above Cathedral) which draws one to contemplate the sheer beauty of it’s construction with skilled hands and thus may cause you to think on the purpose of it’s construction, to worship the Creator of all things great and small!

Philosophy & Stuff

We Christian philosophers are often trying to keep up to date with the latest arguments for the existence of God and any objections that may come up against those arguments. We are not just trying to affirm our own individual beliefs by way of rationalising our emotional interest; we genuinely attempt to reveal the truth of God’s existence in everyday objects, fields of study and experiences that can persuade even the most devout of unbelievers.

Most of us are familiar with the classical arguments for God’s existence which have, over millennia, taken various forms though they express the same fundamental truth or body of truths. Namely, our knowledge and experience of the universe (why it exists at all, how it originated, the fine-tuning of physical constants and biological life) all point upwards, above and beyond, to some great being we know as God.

More recently, what is known as the…

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Author: JohnnyBoy62

I am a retired LAME/CASA Inspector with a continuing interest in all things aviation including flying. I'm happily married to the lovely Wendy, (my second wife) and we have our 26th Wedding Anniversary coming up in June this year. (2017). We have five adult children between us and 11 grandchildren of our own. Prolific reader of all sorts of on-line stories on various websites. I have lost the art of reading a real book made of paper except when I'm doing my daily devotional from the Bible and aviation magazines. Newspapers get a look in on rare occasions as I get all the latest news from the numerous internet news sites or TV news.

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