For the Love of Persecution

A topical reminder of what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century.

Finding Grace

So apparently, the number of Christians in Australia has fallen. It comes not at a surprise, but it did give me time to think and reflect.

I think we in Australia are getting too comfortable here. Many of us don’t believe that there is a concept called persecution. When it is all smooth sailing, we are happily using God as our personal ATM machines. But when persecution does come, we run away like deers caught in the headlights. It is true. Persecution will happen. In fact, it is an undeniable truth that has already started to invade our shores. Sure, it may not be in the form of death and violence, but what is more dangerous is the way that humanism and secularism slowly crept their way into our society.

We see now more than ever where people used the liberal terms to start to question God’s authority over our…

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Author: JohnnyBoy62

I am a retired LAME/CASA Inspector with a continuing interest in all things aviation including flying. I'm happily married to the lovely Wendy, (my second wife) and we have our 26th Wedding Anniversary coming up in June this year. (2017). We have five adult children between us and 11 grandchildren of our own. Prolific reader of all sorts of on-line stories on various websites. I have lost the art of reading a real book made of paper except when I'm doing my daily devotional from the Bible and aviation magazines. Newspapers get a look in on rare occasions as I get all the latest news from the numerous internet news sites or TV news.

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