Creating Safe Space

Finding Grace

I feel that creating a safe space where there is just me is difficult. Not because it is impossible, but because it is very risk-taking to do so on your own. I want to be free, to be able to feel without judgment or feeling guilty for them. Yet, as I step into this new territory, and test out the waters, the fear of the unknown scares me. The fear of uncertainty brings out an anxiousness in me that is like a washing machine trying to wash clean dirty clothes.

So this got me thinking. After last week’s intense counselling session, I often thought about the idea of what it means to have a safe space. The interest thing is, I don’t think it is just about a physical place where we feel safe from danger. I had the wrong idea that I needed to be safe from emotions as…

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Author: JohnnyBoy62

I am a retired LAME/CASA Inspector with a continuing interest in all things aviation including flying. I'm happily married to the lovely Wendy, (my second wife) and we have our 26th Wedding Anniversary coming up in June this year. (2017). We have five adult children between us and 11 grandchildren of our own. Prolific reader of all sorts of on-line stories on various websites. I have lost the art of reading a real book made of paper except when I'm doing my daily devotional from the Bible and aviation magazines. Newspapers get a look in on rare occasions as I get all the latest news from the numerous internet news sites or TV news.

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