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A Celebratory Poem for the success of Kids Art School

I am no expert on the subject matter but I think the instigator of the KIds Art School must be someone who truly understands the minds of children and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours!! Well doen Sandy Flett!!

Sandy Flett Art

Today , I celebrate the success of Kids Art School with and the release of a  Bumper Mega episode of Kids Art School ,

and also


a poem .

Hhhemmmm ….

An Ode to Kids Art School 

by Sandy Flett

Kids are drawing everwhere,

Within their homes ,

And on their chairs.

They’ve grabbed their pencils,

Pens and paper.

They’ve drawn their pics,

And I’m “ a- gaper”

With amazement,

And pure glee,

For what they’ve drun ,

I now  can see


“Fantastical ”,

It’s “wonderful”.

It’s “splendiferul” ,

And “beautiful “.

It’s “colourful”,


And  most of all”INCREDIFUL ! “

So keep on drawing,

All you kids,

I want to see,

What you have did!

And don’t forget ,

To “share”, “subscribe”

So we can spread

Kids Art School “vibe”

To more and more and more and more

Kids of the world

to draw GALORE !


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In reality, step 2 & 3 should be swapped around because you really need those wheels to zoooom down the runway first…then you can retract the wheels Sandy! 😜 😉👩🏼‍✈️🛫

Sandy Flett Art

When I was a kid , I wanted to fly .

I mean , literally , FLY

Like  in the sky , kind of fly

Not in an aeroplane .

Not with wings , like a fairy .

But basically kind of take off , from the ground and , well , soar , up into the blue yonder .

I took to running down the ginormous grassy hills in my school playground , arms stretched out , optimistically waiting for my little legs to lift off .

News Flash :

It didn’t work .

So , the next best thing, was to go on the awesomely huge and cool grey steel 1970’s  swingset  in our backyard and try to tap into the invisible laws of aerodynamics and magic .

I’ll let you decide if that one worked.

And so , when the 52 Week Illustration Challenge topic was “Swing”…

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Creating Safe Space

Finding Grace

I feel that creating a safe space where there is just me is difficult. Not because it is impossible, but because it is very risk-taking to do so on your own. I want to be free, to be able to feel without judgment or feeling guilty for them. Yet, as I step into this new territory, and test out the waters, the fear of the unknown scares me. The fear of uncertainty brings out an anxiousness in me that is like a washing machine trying to wash clean dirty clothes.

So this got me thinking. After last week’s intense counselling session, I often thought about the idea of what it means to have a safe space. The interest thing is, I don’t think it is just about a physical place where we feel safe from danger. I had the wrong idea that I needed to be safe from emotions as…

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